Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Window Painting

I moved back to San Jose a few months ago and started doing little projects for my old swim school in Cupertino. They commissioned me to paint their windows for the holidays and here is the final result! This is my first window painting as well as my biggest painting in a very long while. This took about 50 hours (theres 4-6 coats of paint on the entire thing...not fun) in a span of 2 weeks on top of my regular work hours. Some days I painted from morning until night in the cold, wind, and rain. I did however, take a day off when that massive storm hit the SF Bay Area.

The window paintings will be staying up through the end of January. It's kind of hard to see in these photos, but I have hidden 9 DACA swimming items throughout the windows. We have specific toys that have stayed at the pool for years, toys that our students have gotten very used to. Best part of painting these windows is seeing the kids run up and down the sidewalk to try to find everything! Even before I finished, they were so excited to see things painted right before their very eyes.

Normal window paint was not used for this project because in DACA's past experiences, they stick a little too hard to the windows. Scott Campbell's YouTube videos on window painting helped me kick off this project. I used Behr interior house paint with an eggshell finish (I'm a sucker for matte finishes) and regular old brushes I use for acrylics. I painted on the outside of the windows because the humidity from the pools inside would have royally screwed up the paint. The paint is resilient to scuffs and scrapes but can easily be removed with a window scraper without damaging the windows.

Now that this project is done, I can get back to working on children's book illustrations and work to get me into the mobile gaming world. So excited!