Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Revamp Round...4?

Revamped everything again, tried to make it a little bit more professional? Just a quick redo, but all my recent work is up (including sketches for once).

So I recently had knee reconstruction surgery to repair my torn ACL and medial meniscus. I tore it 3x in August (not knowing I had a serious injury) while playing basketball. I haven't played since then, and I'm super heartbroken but at least I'm finally on the way to recovery! :) In less than 3 weeks I was able to walk, so I am super ahead schedule on healing/physical therapy. However, I still cannot play until 2015! :(

Lots of big things happening this semester, my final semester at CSU Fullerton! Got an internship in Animation Production with Film Roman in The Ultimate Spider-Man show and I'm surrounded by super cool people! Maybe the real world isn't so bad, haha.

School is going to be lovelyyy. I'm finally taking Perspective Class...compositions, rulers, perspective, and buildings. All my favorite favorite things...Had to tackle it eventually though, right? Better late than never. In addition to Perspective, I will also be taking two portfolio classes.

I'm going to be exploring mixed media and inking styles! Super excited! And I will also be trying YA book covers for the first time. Super long post, but that's the update on me!

P.S. Website + domain is construction...