Monday, August 26, 2013

Spring 2013

Words cannot even begin to express the craziness of last semester. Suffice to say....never again! I had 4 studios and a lecture class, I took life drawing, watercolor, animation pre production, graphic design, and professional practices in the arts. I firmly believe I can perform under stress, however...Spring was a whole new level of stress! On the upside, I discovered a deep passion for watercolors and received a greater sense of urgency to do what I need to do to succeed. It's 3 AM and Fall semester starts tomorrow, so sue me for being cheesy! Haha

The flowers ("The Eleventh Hour") were painted from a photograph I took at the CSUF Arboretum of stock flowers. My first painting which I greatly underestimated but also challenged and taught me the most. From then on, watercolors came much easier! 40 hrs.

The middle painting ("Reaching and Gathering") was also from a photograph taken at the Arboretum. Despite all the detail that went into this, it was not as difficult as it looks! Masking fluid is magic :) 30hrs.

"One of Those Nights" is definitely one of my favorite pieces created in my lifetime, partially because of the sheer difficulty. Sometimes when I draw/paint, I step away and look at what I've created and am shocked at what lies in front of me. This painting definitely epitomizes that experience, especially when I think back to all the little subtleties I had to capture that only came together towards the end. 35 hrs.

This painting ("The Great Exodus") was my final watercolor project. The previous three paintings (all created in the order they were displayed) were created with the intense desire to challenge myself. This time, I wanted to paint something a little more fun, something different. I looked to David Wiesner for inspiration/ideas of what to paint, he is one of the few pure watercolorists I found in children's books illustration. Surprisingly only 15-20hrs, I paint a lot faster now :) 

 P.S. Can you find all the turtles hidden in the land formations? Hint: There are more than 10 turtles